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  1. Organic Tomato Fertiliser "Gabi"
    Organic Tomato Fertiliser "Gabi"
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    • Organic tomato fertiliser from pure and vegetable raw materials
    • Organic NPK fertiliser 5-3-5
    • Pollutant-free and ecologically compatible
    • 100% free of animal ingredients or products (no bone meal, no horn shavings, no blood meal)
    • Promotes ecologically important soil life through 80% humus-forming substance
    • Actively supports the rooting of plants
    • Fertilising long-term effect over a whole growing period
    • Gentle nutrition of the plants through slowly released nutrients
    • Easier and safer application with good distribution factor
    • High soil yields through high-quality plant-based nutrient composition
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    • Sowing Machine "Super Seeder"
      Sowing Machine "Super Seeder"
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      • Sowing machine for super simple sowing in the vegetable patch
      • Including 6 sowing discs that can be easily replaced
      • Manually adjustable furrow depth and sowing distance
      • Very easy to use
      • No additional tools needed to assemble or disassemble
      • Suitable for all vegetables
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      • Replacement cover for GRAND TOP ” Propagator
        Replacement cover for GRAND TOP ” Propagator
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        With a generous 460mm height, you’ll be able to find space for seed boxes, trays, and multiple pots, making it a dependable garden workhorse for giving your plants the absolute best start in life. Easy, tool-free assembly, dependable, high quality materials and rock solid build quality complete the package, making it a great propagating solution for the serious home gardener.

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