Plant propagation set "Hollandia" - Basic

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This set includes:

  • 1x windowsill breeding station "Hollandia"
  • 1x 5 liters of organic potting soil
  • 1x "Balcony Mate" seed
  • 1x seed "lettuce"
  • 1x... Mehr lesen
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€99,95 EUR

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Plant cultivation set "Hollandia" - Basic

With LED plant light "LUM 200-60" with base, digital thermostat "Thermo 2", 5 liters of organic plant soil and 3x seeds to get you started!

Tempered cultivation is better cultivation: From eggplant to basil and tomatoes to zucchini - everything that needs a warm nursery grows in this practical and comfortable windowsill greenhouse set with its three individual climate chambers.

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