Plant propagation set "Hollandia" - Premium

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    • 1x windowsill breeding station "Hollandia"
    • 1x LED plant light LUM 200 (60 cm)
    • 1x stand for LUM 200
    • 1x digital thermostat "THERMO2"
    • 1x 5... Mehr lesen
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€249,95 EUR

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Plant cultivation set "Hollandia" - Premium

With LED plant light "LUM 200-60" with base, digital thermostat "Thermo 2", 5 liters of organic plant soil and 3x seeds to get you started!

Tempered cultivation is better cultivation: From eggplant to basil and tomatoes to zucchini - everything that needs a warm nursery grows in this practical and comfortable windowsill greenhouse set with its three individual climate chambers. You will also receive the LUM 200 LED plant lamp in the 60 cm version and the matching base.

Whether heating, ventilation or cooling - the thermostat greenhouse "Thermo2Digital" from Bio Green is your ideal controller for all air conditioning systems. Specify temperature values ​​and, for example, control the electric heater or the heating cable of your cultivation station directly via the thermostat.

With the thermostat greenhouse "Thermo2Digital" you can even cool your greenhouse, and with the recirculation function you can avoid dew. Get our all-in-one thermostat for your greenhouse now. Of course in the usual Bio Green quality.

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