Breeding station XXL "Jumbo"

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  • Breeding station in XXL format
  • Length: 130cm Width: 60cm Height: 50cm
  • High attachment for overwintering large plants up to 50 cm
  • 1.2 x 0.5 m... Mehr lesen
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Breeding station XXL "Jumbo" - For the discerning gardener

Even demanding gardeners will get their money's worth with our XXL "Jumbo" propagation station: The sufficient size of 130 cm x 60 cm offers plenty of space for a large selection of seeds and cuttings. So you never have to do without a plant variety again.

The "Jumbo" breeding station is a robust construction which, despite its generous size, is extremely stable. The 50 cm "Jumbo attachment" provides ideal protection for exotic and expensive plants in winter. The ventilated hood retains the most heat, reduces condensation and supports healthy growth.

All advantages at a glance.

  • Promotes seed germination and root formation: the propagation station works like a greenhouse. It is ideal for seed and cuttings propagation. It can also be used for winter storage.
  • Foil hood with UV protection: lets the vital sunlight through for healthy plant growth. The insulating hood keeps the heat in the mini greenhouse. This reduces heating costs.
  • With a height of 50 cm, the growing station is also suitable for taller potted plants.
  • Closable ventilation openings: The hood can be easily opened on all sides with a zip. This reduces condensation and allows you to water and care for your plants with ease.
  • Quick and easy assembly thanks to the uncomplicated plug-in system. You don't need any tools.
  • Can be expanded with a heating mat and watering mat (each sold separately): This ensures the optimum temperature and the right amount of water.

Our XXL breeding station is also available with a heating mat

Jumbo heating mats produce heat from below. This supports rapid and vigorous growth of seedlings and cuttings. You can purchase our heating mats separately for your breeding station or order “Jumbo” directly as a set, including the heating mat.

The heating mat and watering tub are not included in the scope of delivery for this product.

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