Weed Mulch Fleece - 1.5 x 10m - Brown

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  • Natural color brown
  • No more annoying weeds between the flowers
  • UV stable
  • Simply place the weed mulch fleece on your bed and cover with bark mulch
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Bio Green MM 10 mulch fleece

Weed weed. The thought of the amount of work and time required is daunting for most garden owners. Unwanted growths not only disturb the aesthetic perception; they also affect the development of the specially lovingly bred plants. You can easily prevent this: The mulching fleece is a pleasant, effective method of keeping flower and vegetable beds, ground cover, perennials and paths quickly and permanently free of unwanted growth. The blanket is made of special textile fibers. It is breathable and allows water, air and nutrients to continue to penetrate the soil. However, the growth of weeds is effectively prevented due to the special fleece structure. Even flying seeds, such as dandelions, which are difficult to remove, no longer have a chance to take root. The dark brown color makes the mulch fleece almost invisible. It adapts to the ground and is not noticeable. Special pegs give the mulch fleece sufficient support even in strong winds.

Weed free

Bio Greens mulch fleece is an effective method of permanently removing weeds from flower and vegetable beds and paths. It can be processed easily and effortlessly. This significantly reduces the maintenance effort! Instead of having to deal with unwanted weeds day after day, you can enjoy the view of your well-kept, beautiful garden. The mulch fleece is weather-resistant and breathable. It allows water, air and nutrients to enter the soil unhindered. The mulch fleece supports the growth and development of your lovingly grown plants: They no longer have to compete with weeds for nutrients, light and space. The fleece also conserves earth's moisture and geothermal heat. This protects against drought in summer and ground frost in winter.

Possible applications

The mulch fleece can be used in a variety of ways. It is ideal for all kinds of useful and ornamental beds, hedges and shrubs as well as tree borders. You can also keep garden paths, terraces or sandpits permanently free of weeds. On large areas, such as when planting strawberry fields, you often need several strips of mulch fleece next to each other. These should overlap. Then no weeds can grow between the transitions. It is important to secure it well so that the wind cannot reach under the fleece. Special pegs are recommended here.

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