Chicory pan di zucchero

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  • Contents are sufficient for approx. 6-8 running meters.
  • Top variety from Italy
  • robust variety, forms large heads
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"Pan di zucchero" or also called Sugar Loaf, combines high yields with a very good and typical chicory taste. It forms solid, oval heads that can grow up to 40 cm high. The leafy chicory can be dug up with root balls before the onset of frost and stored in a cool place for one to two months. Not suitable for drifting.

  • Preferably under glass: not necessary
  • Sowing: May-July
  • Plant out: separate as needed
  • Row or plant spacing: 30 cm in the row, 40 cm between the rows
  • Growth height: 40 cm
  • Location: Sunny, humus-rich, loamy, nutrient-rich soil
  • Harvest: September-November
  • Flowering time: ~
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