Overwintering tent / greenhouse "Tropical Island Breeze L" - H 200 x Ø 240 cm

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  • For safe hibernation
    of potted plants
  • protection against wind, rain, wetness,
    snow and frost
  • In the spring for the cultivation of
    vegetables and salad
  • Translucent,... Mehr lesen
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Tropical Island BREEZE L - a paradise for your plants

Simply overwinter valuable potted or potted plants outside! The "Tropical Island Breeze L" foil greenhouse can be quickly set up in the garden, on the balcony or on the terrace. There is plenty of space for large and small plants within the spacious interior. The insulation of walls and floors ensures optimal protection against adverse weather conditions and frost. For additional protection, use the separately available insulating film (TI L ISO).

Two full-surface ventilation openings: This allows you to quickly and easily let a fresh breeze into the greenhouse. Thanks to the integrated insect protection net, pests stay out. This will reduce the humidity in the tent and prevent mold. The ventilation openings can be closed naturally.

Also ideal for year-round use: grow vegetables and lettuce, such as tomatoes, in spring. Your plants can now enjoy daylight all year round because the robust, UV-resistant Rainexo film is translucent. Thanks to the large entrance, watering is also done in no time. There is no need for laborious relocation of potted plants, and the plants are not exposed to the stress of changing locations with changing lighting conditions.

Set up in no time: The problem-free assembly requires no special knowledge or additional tools. Tropical Island is ready for use in a short time. The bottom can be opened thanks to the zipper system. Thanks to its robust construction, the tent can withstand storms. This means that the film greenhouse can be used for several years.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Perfect for year-round use: ideal for cultivation in spring, and for protection from snow and frost in winter.
  • Two full-surface ventilation openings: This allows you to easily let fresh air into the greenhouse. Thanks to the integrated insect protection net, pests stay out. The openings can of course be closed.
  • Base with zipper to open: This makes the tent ideal for plants in the bed.
  • No chance for cold bridges! The generous bottom edge doesn't let in any cold drafts and keeps the heat in. Also use the edge of the floor for more support in addition to the tethers. Just put a weight on it.
  • Translucent, UV-resistant film: This means your plants can enjoy the vital daylight even in the tent. The high-quality, multi-laminated Rainexo film is designed to be exposed to sunlight in the garden for several years. That's why we give a 5-year guarantee on UV resistance.
  • Stable tubular frame: The frame construction is very robust and can withstand storms.
  • Easy to open and close: The high-quality EasyZip zippers are particularly smooth.
  • Set up in no time: you don't need any additional tools.
  • For additional protection , use the separately available insulating film (TI L ISO).

Note: For optimal protection against frost, you need a greenhouse heater in the tent.

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