Greenhouse shelf for "Patioflora 80" - 80 x 28 cm

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  • Practical greenhouse shelf
  • Specially developed for our greenhouse "Patioflora 80"
  • Size: 80*28cm
  • 12 kg load capacity
  • Versatile
  • Robust material
  • Easy attachment
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Greenhouse shelf for "Patioflora 80"

All garden utensils right at hand

Now you have everything at hand: Where do you need the basil? That's right - close to your tomatoes! Because the "Patioflora 80" greenhouse from Bio Green is often used for growing tomatoes, we have developed this practical shelving system. This fits ideally into the “Patioflora 80” greenhouse and ensures that you have everything you need for your cultivation within easy reach. As a location for your basil and as a storage space for all your garden utensils that you want to have quickly at hand.

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