Gas greenhouse heater "Frosty" - 2500 watts

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  • Gas powered greenhouse heater
  • Heat output: 2500 watts
  • Ideal for greenhouses up to 14 m²
  • Thermostat control range: 0° – 25° C
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Greenhouse heater "Frosty" 2500 Watt - The efficient and safe gas heater

Heat your greenhouse without electricity: Bio Green's "Frosty 2500" greenhouse heater is an energy-efficient, thermostatically controlled gas heater with zero switch-off and oxygen deficiency protection. The temperature can be set between 0 - 25°C. Due to its radiation grid, optimal heat distribution in the greenhouse is guaranteed. At the same time, the air is enriched with the CO² necessary for plants. The "Frosty 2500” greenhouse heater is suitable for wall or floor mounting.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Energy-efficient and thermostatically controlled: thanks to the integrated thermostat, the heating switches off automatically when the set temperature is reached. This avoids unnecessary heating.
  • Strong heating output with 2500 watts: ideal for greenhouses with an area of ​​up to 14 m².
  • Radiation grids on the front and top for optimal heat distribution: The heat does not simply rise, but is distributed throughout the room and gets to where it is needed: to the plants.
  • Wide thermostat control range: 0° – 25° C. You can easily set the desired temperature level using the rotary switch. The economy setting at 0° C (zero switch-off) ensures effective use of energy.
  • Robust stainless steel housing with detachable brackets for floor and wall mounting.
  • Heating without electricity: Thanks to gas operation, the heater can also be used when there is no socket nearby.
  • Safe operation thanks to the lack of oxygen protection, which switches off the heating if the CO² concentration in the air exceeds a certain maximum value.
  • Simple connection and uncomplicated commissioning: simply connect the heater to the propane gas bottle.
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