Bluebell Cup & Saucer

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  • Contents are sufficient for approx. 200 plants
  • elegant mix of flowers in pink, white and blue
  • ideal for borders, beds, natural gardens
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“Cup & Saucer” surprises with a special flower shape that is reminiscent of a tea cup with a coaster. In this beautiful mix, it looks particularly stylish in borders, natural gardens or in free-standing groups. The strong stems with the decorative flowers look very attractive in the vase and last for around 10 days.

  • Prefer under glass: April-May
  • Sowing: May-June
  • Planting out: July-September
  • Row or plant spacing: 30 cm in the row, 40 cm between the rows
  • Growth height: 75 cm
  • Location: Sunny, semi-shady, nutrient-rich, moist, permeable soil, protected from wind
  • Harvest: ~
  • Flowering time: May-July (2nd year)
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