Heating Mat Plants & Greenhouse "Sahara"

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  • Plug-in heating mat for plants and greenhouse
  • Including thermostat and floor sensor
  • Supports root formation and seed germination
  • Ideally suited for raising seeds and propagating... Mehr lesen
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Heating Mat Plants & Greenhouse "Sahara"

More success in seed cultivation

Our "Sahara" heating mat for plants and greenhouse is supplied ready to use and is ready to use. It has a thermostat that makes it easy to control the temperature.

With this plant heating mat, you can increase your success in raising seeds and propagating cuttings. The heat produced is directed to where it is needed: in the ground, near the plant roots.

Our heating mat for plants promises "warm feet" when growing

When germinating and rooting cuttings and young plants, the temperature in the root area is a decisive factor for your cultivation success. A heating mat ensures optimal conditions here. The ambient temperature can be well below the soil temperature without damaging the plants. This saves heating power in the greenhouse and also enables cultivation in cooler rooms.

The gardener says that the seedlings and cuttings like "warm feet". This means that the roots need higher temperatures during development - this of course differs depending on the variety and environment. At an ambient temperature of around 13 °C, the heating mat warms up to around 27 °C.

Even when growing in cold houses at 0 degrees Celsius, the right soil temperature can make it possible to grow early crops such as lettuce and kohlrabi. Since most plant seeds need a warm, humid climate to germinate, you should cover the pots or bowls with foil or use a mini greenhouse.

The heating mat for plants and greenhouse "Sahara" is available in different sizes.

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