Raised bed "ErnteMAXX" made of untreated wood - 1 m²

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  • Available in sets or put together individually
  • Expandable in 1 m² steps
  • Made from local wood
  • High-quality aluminum profiles ensure stability
  • Easy construction
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Enjoy your own vegetables: In the HarvestMAXX modular raised bed, you can grow delicious vegetables and aromatic herbs, taking a step towards self-sufficiency. Planting your own vegetables is not only fun, it is also easy on the wallet. And the home-grown vegetables simply taste the best.

Everything included: The set includes boards, aluminum profiles, geotextile, screws and cover caps for the aluminum profiles. And the assembly is simple: slide the boards into the profiles and screw them together. Put the cover caps on the profiles and attach the geotextile to the inside. The raised bed is already done.

Versatile in use: The HarvestMAXX is not only ideal as a raised bed. You can also use it as a composter or as a sandpit. The height of the raised bed must be taken into account. The low models are ideal as a sandbox or as a dust bath for chickens, while for use as a composter you should choose a higher model.

All advantages at a glance:

  • The ideal raised bed for everyone: choose the size that suits your garden. Decide between ready-made sets or put together your own HarvestMAXX from individual elements.
  • Sustainable thanks to the use of regional wood: The untreated wood of the HarvestMAXX comes from near our company headquarters and is also processed in the region.
  • Versatile: You can also use the HarvestMAXX as a composter or sandpit.
  • Simple assembly: simply slide the boards into the profiles and screw them together - done!
  • Modern design: The combination of aluminum profiles and light wood makes the HarvestMAXX an eye-catcher.
  • Includes geotextile, screws and caps
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