Irrigation system / Olla "Hydro Max"

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  • Optimal watering - your plants always absorb the amount of water they need
  • Better Growth - Healthy plants create more yields
  • Lower water consumption - Conserve... Mehr lesen
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“Hydro Max” irrigation system

The environmentally friendly efficiency solution

“Hydro Max” is a self-regulating irrigation system that saves you time and resources. The water reservoir in the form of a clay pot, also called Olla, can be easily integrated into your bed and ensures that your plants are adequately watered.

Fill the container with water every few days and the rest will happen by itself. Our intelligent irrigation system supplies your plants directly at the roots and only when it is actually necessary. This means you can reduce your water consumption by up to 70%. This is also good for the environment.

Higher plant yields with less time and less water consumption – our “Hydro Max” irrigation system makes it possible!

In late autumn, take the Hydro Max out of the ground, empty the water, clean it under the tap or with a brush and then store it in a dry place. Please do not leave it in the ground over the winter due to possible ground frost.

Depending on the desired water storage volume, the Ollas are available in sizes S, M and L.

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