Tub plant bag "Mammut - Window" - winter fleece - H 360 x W 250 cm - Ø 160 cm

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  • Innovative further development of the successful system
  • Practical window for visual inspection and plant care
  • 48.5 cm window diameter
  • Mammut-style micro fleece for reliable winter... Mehr lesen
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Protect your plants: This superbly made mammoth potted plant bag is specially made for larger bushes and small trees. The robust protective cover in its expansive size means frost protection even for trees up to a height of 3.60 m!

Take a look at your plants: With the new, unique window in the fleece bag, Bio Green offers you and your plants many other advantages to get through the winter well. Simply water your plants through the zippered viewing window. No more time-consuming untying or covering is necessary. How are your plants doing in winter? The practical viewing window allows you to have a quick look at your plants at any time - wintering made easy.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Protects your plants from frost, wind, snow, rain and dehydration - this is how you get your plants through the winter safely. Shoots and crowns are optimally protected.
  • 19" Visual Inspection and Plant Care Window - Get a quick look at your bagged plants. The window can be opened with a zipper. This way you can water your plants without untying or removing the protective bag.
  • Made of high-quality micro fleece - the woven material (100 g/m2) is tear-resistant, UV-resistant and weather-resistant. So it can be used for a long time and is sustainable.
  • Translucent and breathable - your plants have the best conditions to thrive even when they are wrapped up.
  • Easy to use thanks to the zip and 2 practical lace closures.
  • Mammoth size - ideal for secure winter protection of larger bushes and small trees.
  • Also suitable for plants in beds - for example stems and palm trees planted out
  • Dimensions: height 360 cm x width 250 cm, Ø 160 cm

Note: For optimal protection against persistent frost and cold, please use a heating cable such as our self-limiting plant heating cable "SBF" (sold separately).

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