Tub plant bag size. XL - winter fleece - H 100 x W 80 cm - Ø 51 cm

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SKU: VSB 100-080
  • Extra large micro-fleece for safe winter protection of your potted plants
  • Height: 100cm x Width: 80cm
  • diameter 51 cm
  • Ideal for beds and tubs
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Our innovative container plant bag XL will get you through the winter safely

Protect your valuable plants from cold and snow. The specially designed plant bags are easy to put on and keep your plants warm even when the temperature is below zero. Even your hardiest plants would appreciate our new grow bags.

The plant bags are made from high-quality 50/70/100 g/m² fleece. This means your plants will be protected from freezing temperatures and strong winds, and even kept from drying out.

The fleece material is water and air permeable. Your plants do not have to do without the light and water they need, even in winter.

Pull straps are attached to the ends of the potted plant bag, making it quick and easy to use.

This winter protection product provides protection for:

  • shoots
  • Crown
  • shrubs
  • evergreen

Our container plant bag is available in five different sizes.

Note: For optimal protection against persistent frost and cold, please use a heating cable such as our self-limiting plant heating cable "SBF" (sold separately).

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