Metal raised bed "Freising L" - W 60 x D 30 x H 80 cm

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  • Ideal for balconies and terraces
  • Dimensions: W 60 x D 30 x H 80 cm
  • Galvanized steel, powder-coated
  • stainless
  • Strong, sturdy and stable
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Metal raised bed "Freising-L" - gardening without effort

Gardening fun even when space is limited: plant your own vegetables. This is not only cheaper than in the supermarket, it also tastes much better and is fun. With the "Freising L" metal raised bed, this is easy and convenient, even in small spaces such as balconies and terraces - ideal if you don't have a garden. The height of 80 cm promises back-friendly gardening, because you don't have to bend down as far as with a bed on the ground. You can also use the raised bed as a flower box and beautify your favorite corner in the garden. Gardening with the "Freising L" metal raised bed is child's play thanks to the quick and easy assembly and a drainage hole for excess irrigation water. The decorative design makes the "Freising L" an eye-catcher in the garden.

  • Ideal for balconies and terraces: thanks to its compact dimensions, you don't need to place the loft bed in any room. This is ideal if you don't have a garden.
  • Back-friendly working height: thanks to a height of 80 cm, you can plant the raised bed comfortably and without having to bend down.
  • Quickly ready for use: The assembly is quick and easy. So you can start planting right away.
  • Drainage hole for excess water: This prevents too much irrigation water from accumulating in the raised bed. This means your plants only get the amount of water they really need.
  • High durability: The raised bed is made of galvanized steel. It will not rust and can be used for many years. Thanks to the decorative design, it is a real eye-catcher.
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