Carrot Flyaway F1

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  • Contents 3 m seed tape
  • healthy, delicate storage vegetables up to 18 cm long
  • tolerant to carrot fly
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Carrot flies have no chance with the carrot hybrid “Flyaway” because it is resistant to this pest. The root body is large, cylindrical, truncated, smooth and about 15-18 cm long. The carrots have a very delicate and sweet taste. A reliable variety for cultivation from March to June.

  • Preferably under glass: not necessary
  • Sowing: March-June
  • Plant out: separate as needed
  • Row or plant spacing: not necessary, 30 cm between rows
  • Growth height: 30 cm
  • Location: Sunny, partially shaded, loose, deep, sandy soil, not supplied with manure.
  • Harvest: July-October
  • Flowering time: ~
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