Ecological candle frost guard "FireFly" in the shape of a mushroom, made of terracotta

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  • Provides enough heat to keep small greenhouses and cold frames frost free
  • At least 42 burn times per candle
  • Mushroom shape for optimal heat distribution
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FireFly – The decorative candle frost guard made of terracotta

No chance for frost: This little helper made of terracotta provides your plants with warmth. A biomass candle specially developed for use as a frost monitor is sufficient as a heat source to keep small greenhouses and cold frames frost-free. The mushroom-shaped lid stores the heat and releases it slowly. This is sustainable, energy-saving and CO²-neutral. In addition, you are not dependent on a socket. So that the potted plants overwintering in the greenhouse can benefit from the radiant heat, they should be placed directly around the FireFly candle heater at a safe distance. The ecological FireFly candles have a burning time of at least 42 hours.

Ideal as an eye-catcher on balconies and terraces: Use the FireFly frost monitor as a decorative mood light in summer. Simply place it on the table or the floor and light a tea light. Save the frost guard candles for the winter. For a particularly cozy atmosphere, fill some fragrance oil into the small oil bowl in the lid. With the integrated handlebar you can open the lid safely and conveniently.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Keeps small greenhouses and cold frames frost-free: a candle specially developed for use as a frost monitor is sufficient as a heat source
  • 42 hours burning time per candle: long-lasting frost protection
  • Mushroom-shaped lid for optimal heat distribution: stores the heat and distributes it throughout the greenhouse
  • Also ideal as an eye-catcher: provides atmospheric light for cozy summer evenings on the balcony and terrace
  • Glazed oil bowl in the lid: for filling with a variety of scented oils
  • Sustainable, energy-saving and CO²-neutral: requires no electricity or gas

Note: Candle not included.

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