Tarpaulin attachment "Power Clip" - (4 pcs.)

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  • Clip for tarpaulin attachment
  • Also suitable for fabric, cloth and canvas
  • Color: Black
  • Own weight: 20 g
  • Tensile load: up to 100 kg
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Tarpaulin attachment up to 100 kg with just one “power clip”

Attach tarpaulins, cloths, fabrics and canvases with our extra strong “Power Clip”. The tarpaulin attachment consists of 2 nylon parts: a wedge and a tab with an eyelet. These two parts are pushed into each other. The higher the tension on the eyelet, the stronger the wedge is pulled into the tab and the tighter the “Power Clip” sits on the material to be fastened.

You don't need any tools, which makes repositioning child's play. One clip can withstand a load of up to 100 kg. Hardly any eyelet can do that!

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