Perennial lupine border mix

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  • Contents are sufficient for approx. 15 plants
  • compact, floriferous
  • sets color accents in the garden
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The “Discount Mix” creates strong color accents in the garden. Planted in groups, it is a stylish addition and striking perennial. The compact mixture is mainly suitable for borders and beds but also for pot planting. Popular cut flower that is very long-lasting. Popular bee pasture plant and nectar supplier

  • Prefer under glass: February-June
  • Sowing: April-June August September
  • Planting out: May-September
  • Row or plant spacing: 30 cm in the row, 40 cm between the rows
  • Growth height: 60 cm
  • Location: Sunny, partially shaded, well-drained, sandy, lime-poor soil. Also tolerates acidic soils.
  • Harvest: ~
  • Flowering time: June-August
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