Hollyhock Summer Carnival

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  • Contents are sufficient for approx. 30 plants
  • excellent double filled mix
  • magnificent flowering solitary plant
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An enchanting magnificent perennial for the cottage garden with large double flowers and a special selection of colors. As a solitary plant or in groups, the hollyhock "Summer Carnival" develops its romantic appearance. Attracts bees and butterflies and is robust against rust disease.

  • Prefer under glass: February-April
  • Sowing: April-June
  • Planting out: May-August
  • Row or plant spacing: in the row 40 cm, between the rows 40 cm
  • Growth height: 150 cm
  • Location: Sunny to semi-shady, warm, dry to fresh, nutrient-rich, permeable soil, protected from wind and weather
  • Harvest: ~
  • Flowering time: July-October
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