Greenhouse thermostat “Thermo2 Digital” to save energy

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  • Thermostat to control any heating or cooling device or fan
  • Heat when it's cold, ventilate when it's hot
  • Setting range -50 to +99°C
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Greenhouse thermostat “Thermo2 Digital”

For energy-saving operation of heating and cooling devices

For heating, ventilation or cooling: The greenhouse thermostat "Thermo2Digital" from Bio Green is your ideal controller for all air conditioning systems such as electric greenhouse heaters. Easily set the temperature values ​​with just a few buttons and, for example, control the electric heater or the heating cable of your cultivation station directly via the thermostat. In summer, you can cool your greenhouse by automatically opening the roof windows or activating the air conditioning. Or let the recirculation function of an electric heater start and thus avoid dew. The “Thermo 2” thermostat can also regulate sub-zero temperatures. This is ideal for plants that need temperatures slightly below zero to overwinter. At the same time, heating costs are kept low. Get our all-in-one thermostat for your greenhouse now. Of course in the usual Bio Green quality.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Heating when it's cold, ventilation when it's hot: Can be used to control all heating or cooling devices or fans as well as electric greenhouse windows. The thermostat switches devices with a total output of up to 3000 watts.
  • Large adjustment range -50 to +99°C: Set exactly the temperature that is necessary for your purposes - not just in the greenhouse. You can see the set temperature at any time on the integrated, robust display.
  • Save energy: By precisely controlling your heating and cooling devices with the thermostat, you avoid costs due to unnecessary heating or cooling. This protects the environment and your purse.
  • Easy to use: Set the desired temperature using the two arrow buttons. The robust display shows the set temperature. Simply plug the thermostat between the heating or cooling device and the socket - and you can control your devices automatically.
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