Winter tent "ICEDOME ThermoPLUS Deluxe" - L 120 x W 120 x H 183 cm

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  • Optimally protects plants from snow, frost and other adverse weather conditions
  • 3-layer bubble wrap for insulation, translucent and UV-resistant
  • Energy-saving, insulating aluminum reflector floor
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Plant overwintering tent "ICEDOME THERMOPLUS DELUXE"

This is how winter can come!

Get your plants safely through the winter. You can do this very easily with the “Icedome ThermoPLUS Deluxe” winter tent. Because within the spacious interior (L 120 x W 120 x H 183 cm) there is optimal space for small and large plants. Thanks to the 3-layer bubble wrap, they are optimally protected from snow, frost and adverse weather conditions. The UV-resistant film is translucent. This means your plants receive the sunlight they need, even in the tent. The aluminum reflector base provides additional insulation: the cold from below stays out, the heat from sunlight and a separately available greenhouse heater stays in and is reflected onto the plants. This is how they thrive optimally. With the all-round 5 cm high Velcro fastener with fleece, you can attach the floor tightly and firmly to the tent - even if you put a cable for a heater in the tent, for example. The good insulation of the tent also saves you energy because you have to heat less. This protects the environment and your purse.

Provide fresh air. On warmer winter days, you can provide your plants with fresh air with four closable ventilation openings. Two ventilation openings are integrated in the head and foot areas of the Icedome Thermoplus Deluxe. This allows the air to circulate optimally and prevents the formation of mold. To prevent pests from getting into the greenhouse, the ventilation windows are equipped with insect screens. Close the openings easily and securely with the Velcro tabs. To water, open the tent conveniently using the high-quality and robust EasyZip double zipper. Setting up and dismantling the tent is quick and easy.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Optimally protects plants from snow, frost and other adverse weather conditions
  • Energy-saving, insulating aluminum reflector base: ensures optimal protection against ground frost. The heat from sunlight and the separately available greenhouse heater stays in the tent.
  • Optimum ventilation: 4 circulation openings with insect screens that can be closed with Velcro. 2 each on the top and bottom. The air movement prevents mold formation.
  • Translucent, 3-layer bubble wrap with UV resistance: for strong insulation and optimal climatic conditions with vital daylight.
  • Very robust: Reinforced edge protection makes the film particularly tear-resistant in the areas that lie on the poles of the greenhouse, with loops for attaching the tent.
  • Extra-stable metal frame with screw connection and robust tube diameter
  • No cold bridges: a 5 cm high Velcro fastener with fleece connects the reflector floor tightly and firmly to the greenhouse - even if a cable for a heater, for example, is placed in the tent.
  • Quick and easy assembly with standard household tools.
  • High-quality, robust EasyZip double zipper for flexible opening, particularly smooth.
  • Contemporary and well thought-out design in a chic anthracite look.

Note: For optimal protection against frost, you need a greenhouse heater in the tent.

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