Heat mat for plants

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  • Wärmematte für Pflanzen zur Unterstützung der Anzucht
  • Schnelles und kräftiges Pflanzenwachstum
  • Kann aufgerollt werden
  • In 3 verschiedenen Größen vorhanden
  • Kann mit oder ohne Thermostat... Mehr lesen
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Heat mat for plants

Waterproof heating plate for best germination results

The Bio Green heating plate is a plug-in unit for easy cultivation. Our heat mat for plants emits heat particularly evenly. You will achieve excellent germination results.

The waterproof heating plate is particularly suitable for raising the soil temperature in the root area by 5-10°C compared to the ambient temperature. In this way, optimal results are also achieved in cooler rooms. Heat mats are also suitable for propagating cuttings or for promoting the growth of sensitive plants such as orchids.

In order to save energy, it is worth arranging a styrofoam plate or something similar as a base.

For the best growth conditions, we recommend the TER2 thermostat with remote sensor as an accessory (not included in the scope of delivery). With this, the optimal temperatures for different sowings can be easily and precisely regulated.

Our heat mat for plants can be purchased in 3 different sizes.

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