Water storage mat "Ultrastore M" - 2-pack

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  • Eco-friendly water storage mat in a pack of 2
  • Reduction of irrigation water by 50%
  • Up to three weeks supply of water
  • Up to 2 l... Mehr lesen
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Water storage mat "Ultrastore M"

Environmentally friendly plant care for up to 3 weeks

The ideal solution for your vacation! “Ultrastore M” ensures optimal watering of houseplants while you are away: Thanks to the water storage mats, plants are supplied with moisture for up to three weeks.

Water storage mats are made of water-storing polymers that are processed into a fleece. This can be used to line flower baskets and plant pots. The product is easy to use and reduces irrigation water consumption by 50%.

The “Ultrastore” water storage mats are also ideal for plant cultivation. They work on the principle of a sponge: they absorb the water and keep it inside the plant pot. Non-toxic polymer crystals were woven into the biodegradable fleece. When the soil begins to dry, the mat releases the stored water to the soil and roots over a longer period of time.

The water storage mats are ideal for planters, hanging baskets and potted plants, both indoors and outdoors. They last for several years and are environmentally friendly.

Two mats are included per package.

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