"Ultrastore" water storage pack - pack of 6

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  • Eco-friendly water storage packs
  • Reduction of irrigation water by 50%
  • Store 200 times its own weight
  • Lasts for several years or planting periods
  • Biodegradable
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Water storage pack "Ultrastore P" - For up to 50% less irrigation water

These small water storage packets contain water-storing polymer crystals. The biodegradable packets can be used immediately and store water like a sponge. When the soil begins to dry, the absorbed water is released. This means the amount of irrigation water can be reduced by 50%.

The gel used lasts for several years or planting periods.

One sales unit consists of 6 water storage packs. You need a bag for a flower pot with a diameter of 25 cm or for a tree or perennial about 90 cm high. For trees, you can also place the packets around the roots. The flower pot or planting hole is then filled with soil and watered vigorously.

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