Winter Protection Tent / Greenhouse "Arctic ThermoPLUS" - 186 x 84 x 175 cm - anthrazite

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ARC 100-TP
  • Ideal for balcony and terrace
  • Optimal protection against snow, frost and other adverse weather conditions
  • Light-permeable, 3-layer bubble wrap with UV resistance and high insulation
  • Energy-saving, insulating aluminum reflector base
  • 2 large access openings with robust EasyZip zippers
  • Easy to assemble without tools

Winter protection tent for plants "ARCTIC THERMOPLUS" - wintering made easy

The ideal winter quarters for your plants: With the winter protection tent "Arctic ThermoPLUS" you bring your plant treasures safely through the winter. With a size of 186 x 84 x 175 cm, the tent offers plenty of space for small and large plants. Thanks to the 3-layer bubble wrap, they are optimally protected from snow, frost and adverse weather conditions. The foil is UV-resistant and translucent. So your plants even get the vital daylight in the tent. Additional insulation is provided by the permanently installed aluminum reflector floor. Heat-cold bridges have no chance. The cold from below stays outside, the heat from the sun and a separately available greenhouse heater stays inside and is reflected to the plants. Due to the good insulation of the tent you save energy, because you have to heat less. This is good for the environment and your wallet.

Convenient working in and around the tent: You can easily move your plants in and out via the two large entrance openings. Even large potted plants can be transported into the wintering tent without getting stuck. When watering, you can easily reach every plant in the tent. The high-quality, smooth-running EasyZip zipper is robust and can withstand many opening and closing operations. For the necessary air supply, simply open the access points as needed. The "Arctic ThermoPLUS" is quick and easy to set up in the garden, on the balcony or terrace.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Protects plants optimally against snow, frost and other adverse weather conditions.
  • Energy-saving, insulating aluminium reflector floor: Provides optimum protection against ground frost and reflects the heat from solar radiation and separately available greenhouse heating onto the plants. The floor is permanently installed, so there are no heat/cold bridges.
  • Translucent, 3-layer bubble wrap with UV resistance for excellent insulation and optimal climatic conditions with vital daylight. The dense film keeps the heat in the tent for a long time. This means you need to run a greenhouse heater less often and you save money and the environment.
  • Large access opening at the front and back for optimum air supply and convenient watering. It also makes it easy to put the planters in and take them out.
  • High-quality, robust EasyZip double zip for particularly smooth opening of the access openings.
  • Quick and easy assembly without tools thanks to uncomplicated plug-in system.
  • Contemporary and sophisticated design in chic anthracite look.

Note: For optimal protection from frost you need a greenhouse heater in the tent.

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