Mulch-Fleece - 1,5 x 10 m - Brown

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  • Prevent weeds from coming through the soil in your greenhouse and garden
  • UV stabilised
  • 100% weed-proof
  • 100% water permeable
  • Extra strong fleece material
  • Reduces water evaporation
  • Lightweight and rot-proof

Weeding! Even the thought of the expenditure of energy and time for weeding is discouraging. Unwanted plants can not only disturb aesthetic tastes, they also affect the development of specially grown plants. The Mulch-Fleece is an enjoyable, effective method, to keep flower and vegetable beds, ground covers, shrubs and paths instantly and permanently free of unwanted weeds. The cover is made of special textile fibres, is breathable and allows water, air and nutrients to remain in the soil. The growing of any weeds is effectively prevented due to the special non-woven structure. Also, flying seeds, such as the hardto- remove dandelion, have no chance to root. The dark brown colour makes the Mulch-Fleece almost invisible in the garden.

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Weight in KG1.096
Delivery time (days)2-3
ManufacturerBio Green
Abmessung (LxB)1,5 m x 10 m
Qualität70 g/m²
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