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2 x "UltraStore" water cushions HU 1 (total 12 pcs.)
1 x "UltraStore" water storage mats HU 2 (2 pcs.)

Water tray cushion "UltraStore" - For up to 50% less water for irrigation

These small water tray cushions contain water-storing polymer crystals. The biodegradable packets are ready to use and store water like a sponge. When the soil begins to dry, the absorbed water is released. This reduces the amount of irrigation rate by 50%.

The gel used lasts several years or planting periods.

A sales unit consists of 6 water tray cushions. One cushion is required for a flower pot 25 cm (approx 10 in) in diameter or for a tree or a perennial about 90 cm (approx 3 ft) high. For trees, you can also put the cushions around the roots. Then fill the flower pot or plant hole with soil and water it generously.

Water tray "UltraStore" - Environmentally friendly plant care for up to 3 weeks

The ideal solution for the holidays! "Ultrastore M" ensures the optimal watering of indoor plants during your absence: thanks to these water storage mats, plants are supplied with moisture for up to three weeks.

Our water trays consist of water-storing polymers, which are processed into a fleece. This can be used to line flower baskets and planters. The product is easy to use and reduces water consumption by 50%.

The "Ultrastore" water storage mats are also ideal for plant breeding. They work according to the sponge principle: the water is absorbed and kept inside the planter thanks to the non-toxic polymer crystals which are woven inside the biodegradable fleece. When the soil begins to dry, the mat releases the stored water into the soil and roots for an extended period of time.

The water storage mats are ideal for planters, hanging flower baskets and potted plants, both indoors and outdoors. They last for several years and are environmentally friendly.

Each package contains two water trays.

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