Plant Lamp "LUM 152" - Spare bulb 14W

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LUM 152
  • Spare bulb for plant lamp 14W
  • Healthy plant growth in the absence of daylight
  • High illumination intensity
  • Reinforces the natural colors of your plants
  • Full spectrum of light for year-round plant growth
  • Ideal on window sills, in greenhouses, multi-purpose tunnels and for aquarium plants
  • The energy-saving bulb burns up to 10 times longer than conventional light bulbs
  • Power consumption 14 W (comparable to 75 W)
  • Bulb socket: E 27
  • Lifetime: 10,000 hours
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Energy-saving

Plant lamp "LUM 152"

Spare bulb for optimal growth promotion with low power consumption

Ensure optimal growth conditions, even on dark winter days. With our plant lamp spare bulb "LUM 152", you put your plants in the best light.

The plant lamp is extremely energy efficient and burns up to 10 times longer than conventional light bulbs.

Please note: This product is a spare bulb. This bulb is only suitable for our plant lamp. It is a special lamp due to the EC regulation no. 244/2009, which promotes plant growth by certain light characteristics and is intended exclusively for this use. As room lighting this plant lamp is not suitable.

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