Electric Greenhouse Heater "Palma Twin" Digital (Thermostat Digital) - 2 x 1000 Watt

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  • 2 separately adjustable heating elements
  • 2 heating power levels: 1000 Watt and 2000 Watt
  • Continuously adjustable thermostat with a temperature range from 0°C to 60°C
  • Additional connectable digital thermostat for optimal automatic control
  • Air circulation mode for ventilation
  • 163 m³/h air circulation
  • For greenhouses and other rooms up to 12 m²
  • Easy operation via 2 switches
  • Low energy consumption due to precise thermostat control
  • Cable with 1,9 meter length
  • Robust construction with stainless steel housing
  • Splash-proof according to IPX4
  • Timeless design
  • Foldable carrying handle

The advantages of the Thermo 2 digital thermostat:

  • Thermostat for all heating and cooling appliances and fans.
  • Adjustment range -50 to +99°C
  • Adjustable up to 3000 Watt power
  • Robust and digital display
  • 2.8 m temperature sensor cable length

Electric fan heater "Palma TWIN" Digital with digital thermostat.

For greenhouses, garages, hobby rooms, conservatories or moist rooms.

Ensure the optimum temperature in your greenhouse: with the electric fan heater "Palma TWIN" Digital you can do this easily with just two rotary switches. Set the temperature as you need it with the adjustable thermostat regulator. The integrated thermostat starts and stops the heating automatically and thus always keeps the greenhouse at your desired temperature. The heater is equipped with two separately adjustable heating elements. With the mode switch you choose from one of the two heating levels (1000 watts or 2000 watts) and recirculation mode (ventilation only) and turn off the heater.

With digital thermostat for optimal automatic control: Simply switch the supplied digital thermostat "Thermo 2" between the socket and "Palma TWIN". There you go, you have your heating reliably controlled automatically. Operating the thermostat is very easy thanks to few buttons and a display. So you set exactly the desired temperature, which can be provided by the heating. Thanks to the integrated status lights, you can immediately see whether the desired temperature has been reached or whether heating is still in progress. The temperature sensor can be flexibly placed where you need it thanks to 2.8 meters of cable length. The digital thermostat can also be used with other devices such as an air conditioner or servomotors of greenhouse windows. Thanks to a large setting range from -50 to 99°C, it is suitable for all requirements.

Fits almost everywhere: Thanks to compact dimensions, you place the recirculating air heater even in smaller greenhouses. The cable length of 1.9 meters ensures that you are very flexible in your choice of installation location. With the non-slip rubber feet, the greenhouse heater stands securely on the ground. And when you transport the heater, you have it safely in hand with the integrated, retractable carrying handle. The heater is splash-proof according to IPX4. So it can be used safely and reliably even in damp rooms. Thanks to a robust design, the fan heater can also withstand impacts.

Versatile use: Do not only use the compact independent heater in the greenhouse. Also in the garage, basement and storage rooms, the "Palma TWIN" Digital is ideal to provide the optimum temperature. And it is also an inexpensive and energy-saving additional heater in living spaces. Thanks to its timeless design, the small heater visually fits well into any ambience. So you see: the "Palma TWIN" Digital is a powerful and energy-efficient all-rounder for rooms up to 12 m².

All advantages at a glance:

  • 2 separately adjustable heating elements for powerful heat output in 2 stages: 1000 Watt and 2000 Watt output. Ideal for large and small rooms. In smaller rooms, the 1000 watt setting is sufficient, for larger rooms select the 2000 watt power level. The heater is ideal for rooms up to 12 m².
  • Integrated, continuously adjustable thermostat: Set your desired temperature easily. The thermostat starts and stops the heating automatically when the desired temperature is reached. In recirculation mode (fan mode) without heating power, the unit runs continuously. The temperature range is from 0°C to 60°C.
  • External digital thermostat for even more precise settings: Set the desired temperature even more precisely thanks to fewer buttons and a display. The status indicator lights let you know immediately which mode the heating process is in. Thanks to the 2.8-metre cable, you can easily place the temperature sensor at the ideal measuring point. Depending on the setting, the digital thermostat controls the heating mode in winter and the recirculation mode for cooling in summer.
  • Refreshing recirculation mode: If you activate the recirculation mode, the heater becomes a fan. Without heating power, the room air circulates through the unit, which provides a cooling effect like a fan. On warm days, this is refreshing for people and plants. The air movement prevents mould growth and congestion heat on plants.
  • Easy operation via 2 rotary switches for thermostat setting and mode selection (off, recirculation, heating level 1, heating level 2). Thanks to the scale and symbols next to the switches, you can see your settings at a glance.
  • Fast and even air circulation: The recirculating air heater is very efficient and effortlessly circulates up to 163 m³ of air per hour. This way, the air in the greenhouse and other rooms is warmed up in no time. As the heating does not run for so long, you save electricity and money.
  • Very economical in consumption: The power consumption is extremely low and cost-saving thanks to the precise control. So you not only protect the environment, but also your wallet.
  • Long cable: Thanks to a cable length of 1.9 metres, you can place the heater flexibly in greenhouses & co. In this way, you can comfortably lay the cable around plant pots, for example, and make sure that the heater does not get in the way.
  • Robust construction with rustproof stainless steel housing: The mobile heater can withstand a lot thanks to its stable construction. Even jolts are no problem. The timeless design blends into any ambience. The retractable carrying handle makes it easy to transport the heater.
  • Splash-proof according to IPX4: Thanks to splash-proof protection, the heater can also be used safely and reliably in damp rooms. The greenhouse heater can also withstand rain and watering without any problems. So you can enjoy the electric heater as long as possible.


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Weight in KG4.98
Delivery time (days)2-3
ManufacturerBio Green
Heating typeElectronic
Dimensions (WxD)280x195x315 mm
Kabellänge2 m
Power consumption 2x 1000 Watt
Fan power30 Watt
Air circulation163 m³/h
Mechanical ratingIPX4
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