Organic Tomato Fertiliser "Gabi" - 850g

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  • Organic tomato fertiliser from pure and vegetable raw materials
  • Organic NPK fertiliser 5-3-5
  • Pollutant-free and ecologically compatible
  • 100% free of animal ingredients or products (no bone meal, no horn shavings, no blood meal)
  • Promotes ecologically important soil life through 80% humus-forming substance
  • Actively supports the rooting of plants
  • Fertilising long-term effect over a whole growing period
  • Gentle nutrition of the plants through slowly released nutrients
  • Easier and safer application with good distribution factor
  • High soil yields through high-quality plant-based nutrient composition

Organic tomato fertiliser "Gabi" - Special fertiliser from raw vegetable materials

The aroma of self-grown tomatoes is always a special experience. In order to ensure a healthy, tasty, high-yield crop, it is important to provide your plants with necessary nutrients. Bio Green has the best and most environmentally friendly solution for this.

Our organic tomato fertiliser "Gabi" consists of 100% raw vegetable materials and thus promotes the most natural way of fertilisation. In addition to providing plants with important nutrients, it vitalises and revitalises the soil. Since it promotes rooting, it supports your plants’ food intake.

This organic tomato fertiliser consists 80% of substances that come from the food industry. The largest parts are malt culms and malt dust with broken down carbohydrates. These form the basis of soil flora. Another important part comes from the processing of sugar beet, producing potash, which ensures the maturation of the fruits.

Consisting of two different components, about 15% of the total nitrogen content is available short-term. After just three days, the effect begins, which then lasts for about 3-4 weeks. The remaining 85% of the nitrogen component acts after about three weeks, but lasts for up to five months.

This effect is best released when the organic tomato fertiliser is incorporated into the soil before planting. However, adding this to existing plantings is also possible.

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