Heating-Cable, 15 W/m, including plug

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BGF 48
  • integrated ON/OFF-Thermostat
  • including plug
  • available in 13 length
  • IP67 for save use
  • 100.000-times approved
  • Multipurpose use in gutter, waterpipe, caravan & camping
  • 15 W/m
The Plug-in Heating-Cables reliably protect plants, roof gutters and waterpipes from frost damages. Also ideal for caravan and camping. The integrated on/off-thermostat automatically switches the Heating-Cable on when temperatures fall below + 5 °C. Once the temperature rises to about + 10 °C, the Heating-Cable automatically switches off again. The 15 W/ m Heating-Cables are available in 13 different lengths and have IP67 protection against water.
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Weight in KG2.7
Delivery time (days)2-3
ManufacturerBio Green
Länge/Leistung48 m, 720 W
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