Watering System / Olla "Hydro Max"

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  • Optimal Irrigation - Your plants always absorb just the amount of water they need
  • Better growth - Healthy plants create more yields
  • Lower water consumption - Save resources and save money
  • Saves time - The water tank gives you more freedom and flexibility
  • Self-regulating system - Take the guesswork out of watering

Watering system "Hydro Max"

The environmentally friendly, efficient solution

“Hydro Max” is a self-regulating watering system that saves you time and resources. The water tank is a clay vessel, also called olla, which can be easily integrated into your flower bed, ensuring adequate irrigation of your plants.

Just fill your “Hydro Max” with water every few days and the rest is taken care of. Plant roots instinctively grow toward the porous clay which allows them to take exactly the water they need when they need it. Save up to 70% more water - the environment will thank you!

In late autumn, remove the Hydro Max from the soil, empty the water and clean it under the tap or with a brush and then store it in a dry place. Please do not leave it in the ground over the winter because of possible frost.

Higher plant yields in less time and less water consumption - our watering system "Hydro Max" makes it possible!

Also available in sizes S, M and L, depending on your water-storage needs.

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Weight in KG1
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ManufacturerBio Green
Dimensions (H x Ø)20 cm x Ø 15 cm
Water storage1-6,5 Liter
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