LED light strip for plants "FLORABOOSTER 200"

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LUM 200
  • High light intensity
  • Promotes chlorophyll production & photosynthesis
  • Suitable for propagators & greenhouses
  • Year-round lighting for plants
  • IP 44 protection rating
  • Available in the following sizes:
    • 60 cm = 9 watts / 28 LEDs  
    • 90 cm = 13 Watt / 42 LEDs
    • 120 cm = 18 Watt / 56 LEDs

LED light strip "Florabooster 200" - available in 3 sizes

Provide your plants with light: the LED light strip "Florabooster 200" is ideal for windows and niches where your plants previously received insufficient light. The tuned wavelengths of the light of the LED plant lamp stimulate the growth of your plants and they get stronger and healthier leaves and shoots in a short time. The LED light strip is continuously wired and can be easily expanded with 3 additional lights in series. This allows you to set up a continuous lighting system for your plants according to your individual wishes.

  • Available sizes: 60 cm (9 watts / 28 LEDs), 90 cm (13 watts / 42 LEDs) and 120 cm (18 watts / 56 LEDs)
  • Ideal for windows, in the greenhouse and in niches where your plants do not get enough daylight.
  • Stimulates the growth of plants: The high light intensity and the adapted wavelengths of the light promote chlorophyll production and thus photosynthesis. Plants get stronger and healthier leaves and shoots in a short time.
  • Expandable with up to 3 additional lights: So you set up a continuous lighting system according to your wishes. The individual lights are simply connected with the included cables.
  • For hanging: With the included mounting hardware, simply hang the "Florabooster 200". The length of the holding wires can be adjusted individually. So you bring the plant light in the optimal position above your plants.
  • Ideal also for mounting on the wall: So you irradiate high plants simply from the side.
  • Optionally available stand (LUM 200-SF): Simply place the light strip over your plants.
  • Can also be used in damp rooms: the "Florabooster 200" plant light is splash-proof to IP44. Thus, the lamp can easily withstand water vapor and splashes of watering water from the lamp.
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