Winter Protection Tent / Greenhouse for balcony and terrace "Patioflora 80" - L 183 x B 83 x H 173 cm

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PTF 80
  • Protection from wind, rain, moisture, snow and frost.
  • Can be extended for safe overwintering of potted plants, e.g. with separately available insulated cover (PTF 80 ISO)
  • In spring ideal for growing vegetables and lettuce
  • Sturdy metal frame with storm hooks on the tubular rods
  • Can be driven over with hand truck & Co.
  • Light-permeable, UV-resistant PE lattice foil
  • 2 ventilation windows with insect screen that can be closed with Velcro
  • Roll up double door with robust, smooth-running EasyZip zipper
  • Easy assembly without additional tools
  • 1 Shelf included

PATIOFLORA 80 - The practical greenhouse for the balcony and terrace

Ideal for year-round use: with the "Patioflora 80" you can bring your plants safely through the winter. The greenhouse protects your valuable plants from snow, frost and other harsh weather conditions. The insulating floor is removable and can be firmly connected to the wintering tent thanks to hook-and-loop and fleece. This prevents heat-cold bridges - even if, for example, the cable of a greenhouse heater is placed inside. You can provide additional insulation with the optimally fitting, separately available insulating cover and the floor insulation. In spring, you can simply use the "Patioflora 80" as a propagation tent for tomatoes, lettuce & Co. The translucent, UV-resistant lattice film lets in the vital sunlight. Your plants will thank you.

Take care of your plants comfortably: The greenhouse also fits on balconies and patios due to its compact, angular shape. This makes it the ideal greenhouse even if you don't have a garden. For watering, simply open the two roll-up doors with the smooth-running and robust EasyZip zipper. The base pole of the frame is mounted so low that you can easily drive the plant tent with a hand truck. And there is no risk of tripping either. Optimal air supply is provided by the two ventilation windows, which can be closed with Velcro. In addition, insect screens prevent pests from getting into the planting tent. This makes gardening fun!

Withstands even strong storms: The storm hooks are an integral part of the tubular frame of the Patioflora 80. In conventional greenhouses, they are attached to the film, which can tear during heavy gusts. This will not happen with the Patioflora 80 thanks to its patented design. Simply tie the support ropes to the storm anchors and insert the pegs connected to the support rope into the ground. The greenhouse and your valuable plants are thus optimally protected.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Protects against wind, rain, wetness, snow and frost: The excellent insulation of walls and floor provides optimal protection against adverse weather conditions.
  • Also ideal for growing vegetables in spring: this greenhouse provides the ideal climatic conditions. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce & co. thrive particularly well.
  • Sturdy metal frame with storm hooks: Benefit from a patented Bio Green innovation! The storm hooks are attached directly to the metal frame. This ensures a secure hold even in strong storms. With ordinary greenhouses, the hooks are attached to the foil and can therefore tear off during violent storms. Reinforced base plates provide additional support.
  • Translucent PE mesh foil with UV resistance: for optimum climatic conditions with vital daylight.
  • Can be driven with a hand truck: The frame is designed so that the floor pole in the door area of the tent is so low that you can comfortably drive your heavy potted plants into the winter quarters with a hand truck. This also eliminates the risk of tripping.
  • 2 ventilation windows with insect screen, closable with Velcro. This allows enough fresh air into the tent and flies, moths or pests stay outside.
  • Roll up double door with robust, smooth-running EasyZip zipper: This allows you to enter the greenhouse quickly and conveniently for watering and to put plants in and take them out.
  • Expandable for winter protection: With the ideally matching insulating cover (PTF 80 ISO) and insulating floor (PTF 80 B), the heat stays longer in the tent. When using a greenhouse heater, you thus save energy and protect the environment and your wallet.
  • Quick and easy assembly without additional tools.
  • Expandable with separately available shelves: This way you can easily provide more storage space in your greenhouse. The shelves (PTF RG4) are simply inserted into the pre-drilled holes. You already have the ideal space for small potted plants. One shelf is included in the scope of delivery!

Note: For optimal protection from frost you need a greenhouse heater in the tent.

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