Gas greenhouse heater and frost monitor "EcoPilot", 4200 watts

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  • Gas powered greenhouse heater
  • Power 4200 watts
  • Ideal for greenhouses up to 18 m²
  • Thermostat control range 0° – 25° C
  • Effective use of... Mehr lesen
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Greenhouse heater “Ecopilot 4200” - The efficient and safe gas heater

Ensures the optimal temperature in the greenhouse: The “Ecopilot 4200” greenhouse heater from Bio Green is an energy-efficient, thermostatically controlled gas heater with zero switch-off and oxygen deficiency protection. The temperature can be adjusted between 0 – 25°C. Thanks to the heat protection plate, you can place plants closer to the heater and thus make better use of the space in the greenhouse. At the same time, the air is enriched with the CO² necessary for plants. The heater ensures a constant temperature environment in the greenhouse and protects your plants from fluctuations in temperature and humidity. In contrast to conventional gas heaters, the “Ecopilot” thermostat is attached to the outside of the housing. This means the heating is switched on and off reliably.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Energy-efficient and thermostatically controlled: thanks to the integrated thermostat, the heater stops heating when the set temperature in the greenhouse is reached. This is how you save gas.
  • Strong heating output with 4200 watts: ideal for greenhouses with an area of ​​up to 18 m².
  • Wide thermostat control range: 0° – 25° C. Simply set the desired temperature level using the rotary switch. The thermostat switches the heating off at 0 degrees. This way you can set low temperatures and keep the greenhouse frost-free. It is attached to the outside of the housing for accurate temperature measurement.
  • Robust stainless steel housing with feet for floor mounting.
  • Integrated heat shield: The heat shield ensures that you can place plants closer to the heater. This is how you make optimal use of the space in the greenhouse.
  • Heating without electricity: Thanks to gas operation, the heater can be used even if there is no socket nearby.
  • Safe operation thanks to the oxygen deficiency fuse, which switches off the heater when the CO² concentration in the air exceeds a certain maximum value. If the pilot flame goes out, for example due to a draft, the gas supply is stopped.
  • Easy connection and uncomplicated commissioning: Simply connect the heater to a propane gas bottle.
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